Values and commitment.

Transparency, integrity, accountability. These values are the cornerstones of our business philosophy at Modiv and pave the way for our commitment to always put our investors first.

We know each investor's financial goals are different depending on their stage in life, but one thing we all seek is the freedom to fully experience life on our own terms. And that is what drives us at Modiv: your financial freedom.

We prioritize our investors at every turn, operating within the highest levels of transparency, integrity and accountability to ensure that we’re them on the path toward financial freedom.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, Modiv is committed to helping get you there.

Meet Modiv.

Our story.

Our story is one of growth and innovation. At Modiv, we have dared to approach real estate investing a bit differently and put the investor at the forefront of our business. Our knack for seeing new opportunities led to Modiv becoming one of the largest real estate crowdfunding platforms, providing individuals with direct access to high quality commercial real estate while disrupting decades-old real estate practices.

Led by a highly experienced management team, Modiv sought to bring institutional quality and best practices to the still relatively new real estate crowdfunding industry. That included being committed to corporate governance mirroring that of listed companies before we became one ourselves, providing full transparency in our business, embracing best practices in corporate governance, and offering abundant investor communications and education.

As Modiv evolved, we recognized new opportunities to create value for our investors. In February 2022, we became the publicly traded net lease REIT we are today, making it even easier for investors to experience the potential benefits that commercial real estate has to offer. Throughout the years one goal remained a constant driving force of Modiv’s growth: making real estate investing and financial freedom a possibility for everyone through MOnthly DIVidends and MOre DIVersification.

The Modiv timeline.

With a history of proven execution, Modiv’s leadership team has transformed the company while building a durable portfolio of strategically important and mission critical net-leased properties. The company continues to operate with an investor-first focus and best-in-class corporate governance.


Modiv lists its Class C Common Shares
on the NYSE under the ticker symbol MDV.

The single-tenant net lease REIT completes $77.3M of real estate transactions during the first quarter while building a robust, active deal pipeline.


RW NNN REIT rebrands to Modiv Inc.
, with a focus on MOnthly DIVidends and MOre DIVersification.

Modiv Successfully prices $50M of publicly traded preferred stock.


The company begins a 24-month capital recycling program by selling 15 assets for over $110M.

To provide additional transparency, the company initiates its first of six independent portfolio valuations.


RW NNN REIT completes $150M merger with Rich Uncles REIT I.

Driven by its investor-first focus, RW NNN REIT completes the internalization of its management.


Aaron Halfacre joins as CEO, starting a new era as the company pivots towards an institutional quality direction while assembling a new, highly experienced management team.


Leveraging an innovative crowdfunding platform, RW NNN REIT launches with a focus on investing in single-tenant net lease commercial properties across the U.S.