Corporate responsibility.

At Modiv, we are committed to leadership underpinned by environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.

As our company grows, we will aim to grow sustainably, taking into account ESG processes and frameworks to ensure we are meeting our obligations to our investors, employees, communities and all other stakeholders.

Our commitment doesn’t stop with us - 95% of our properties are leased to companies with ESG initiatives and have goals to better serve the communities they call home.

Environmental Commitment

We recognize environmental responsibility in our business practices as of the utmost importance for our communities today and in the future. During our acquisition process, we take into consideration the sustainability and adherence to environmental standards of the properties we invest in. Modiv’s strategic partnership with Colliers provides best-in-class property management as well as access to a dedicated team focused on socially and environmentally responsible business practices. Colliers’ sustainability experts help evaluate our properties’ compliance with state and local environmental regulations and advise on building improvements to ensure we are capitalizing on the latest in green technology, building materials and energy efficiency. Whether it’s AvAir’s facility powered by clean solar energy or 3M’s innovative and sustainable products, we’re proud of the environmental track record across our real estate portfolio.

Social Responsibility

Our long-term investment strategy doesn’t only apply to the properties we buy, but also to the members of our team. Our employees are at the core of our success, and we seek to hire talent from diverse backgrounds who contribute to an inclusive culture where employees are valued and encouraged to grow and develop. We extend our culture of growth and development to our communities as well by providing educational resources that help individuals make more informed investing decisions and develop prudent financial strategies. To further strengthen our commitment to the communities we live and work in, Modiv is in the process of developing new initiatives for 2022.

Corporate Governance

Modiv’s core values are transparency, integrity and accountability. We recognize that for a company to truly live its values, they must come from the top. That’s why our commitment to exemplary corporate governance is central to who we are. Our board of directors combines expertise in the commercial real estate industry with leading corporate governance to deliver on Modiv’s relentless commitment of putting investors first and maximizing shareholder value. We employ governance practices that ensure the interests of our shareholders, employees and communities are prioritized and that we are held accountable for our commitments and actions.