Why You Need Financial Self-Care

This isn’t the type of self-care you’re used to hearing about, but it’s just as important. In this video, Modiv CEO, Aaron Halfacre, talks about what financial self-care is and why it’s essential for your overall well-being.

Refocus Your Mindset

Frustrated? Stressed? Anxious? It’s difficult to not become stuck in that moment. Modiv CEO, Aaron Halfacre, reveals his trick for alleviating current frustrations and refocusing his mindset.

How to Use Your Weaknesses

Modivated Monday videos are often about strengths and attributes that lead to success. But what should we do with our weaknesses? Modiv CEO, Aaron Halfacre, explains how he approaches and ultimately utilizes his weaknesses.


Not sure how to find the motivation you need? This is the extra dose you’ve been looking for, from Monday motivational messages to inspiration to invest more prudently

Real Estate Trends

Keep up with the latest trends in single-tenant, net lease, office, industrial and retail real estate.